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This? Is a blog, and I am your hostess.

Okay, to be somewhat more specific, this is intended to be a spiritual babble ground; a magic-makin', reality-hackin', invisible rabble-rousin', personal path-blazin', hand-flappin' blog focusing on matters invisible and their impact on a nearly 40 yr old black female autistic writer and occasional artist of West Indian descent dealing with modern 21st century life bullshit. I've been putting this off for a rather long time. I mostly expect to be discussing epic wins, spectacular fails, and pragmatic hands-on working in general, along with the patchwork shreds and threads of myth, history, syncretism, and all the skills, natural or learned, that are stashed in my tool kit.

All flavors of path and experience are welcome to add, comment, make suggestions, over-analyze, offer links, poke with sticks, compare notes, share recipes, trade anecdotes, sympathize, empathize, curse, throw things, and babble about just about anything related in the comments. Tangents are expected. General rules of behavior can be summed up as "don't be the asshole that makes personal attacks on other commenters in my space." Alright? Alright.

I deal with spirits and magic. I know some people don't care for one, some don't mess with the other. Some people say magic's okay, but they only deal with High Magic, some only work with Low Magic; some people say gods are bullshit, it's all in your head. To me it's all a natural extension, one of another, and sometimes life demands doing whatever needs doing with whoever (or whatever) is willing to help pull it off. I am a walking cargo cult, but just for the record, I'm mostly in Chaos Magic's corner. I mean, look at that meta! Seriously, it goes everywhere, does everything, and looks damned sexy while doing it.

My spiritual base is loosely arranged along the lines of several ATRS (African Traditional Religions), without being any specific one that I've ever come across. The spirits themselves come with various contexts. Some are European-based. Some have ancestral pings. If you're not part of the circle of folks I've fallen into over the years, you won't be familiar with the principle spirits I traffic with. This is quite okay! All necessary context, if not provided, can be asked for, and I'll happily reveal what I can. Matters of death, sex, and identity and resource management feature in working with them, and hopefully some of the things discussed here may be of use or encouragement in your own work.

That being said, it is highly likely that there will be some discussion of some topic(s) that some of you may find uncomfortable. Welcome to my world. I'm not actively out to piss on your day, so I will do my best to warn for the traditional triggery stuff as it comes up. You're welcome to contact me via PM to discuss the contents of any post, or what may be lurking under a cut-tag (I have a day-job, so I may not be able to answer right away, but I will get back to you).

Given the company I keep, there is a 50% chance of spontaneous macro outbreaks. You may well click on the comments of any post and suddenly find yourself bombarded with pictures featuring impact font and the shenanigans of various fuzzy animals, preferably cats, or hedgehogs, or even an emo llama (In the event that the appropriate macro cannot be found for any given situation, CAPSLOCK and/or a clever icon is a perfectly serviceable alternative). I will attempt to warn for excessive macros also.

I am a recovering arachnophobe. Along with snakes, spiders feature predominantly in my worldview, and my space is already crawling with them. I will probably be mentioning them a lot, too. That being said please oh please don't post or email images of the eight-legged monsters at me, okay? I have only so much cope, and you will not like me when I am out of cope. You can hit me with all the cool images of snakes, birds, cats, ponies, hedgehogs, bones, churches, fires, volcanoes, tornadoes, pointy and/or explosive objects you want, though.

There may be illustrations and photos. NSFW images will be placed under a cut-tag. There may also be interpretive chair dances, but you can rest assured that I won't be going out of my way to post those.

Questions, comments, concerns? Comment here or PM me via my profile page.

Date: 2011-06-06 03:26 am (UTC)
tortoiseshell: a teacup on the left of the image and a book on the right; between them, a small mouse puts its front paws on the book (Default)
From: [personal profile] tortoiseshell
If you're not part of the circle of folks I've fallen into over the years, you won't be familiar with the principle spirits I traffic with.

If you are, you have probably bought them tea.

Date: 2011-06-06 04:54 pm (UTC)
nowitnesses: a dog with a rather smaller cat's head in its mouth (WHEN SHALL WE...TWO...MEET AGAIN?)
From: [personal profile] nowitnesses
nearly 40 yr old

...i don't think you're allowed to hit your forties until i make it my twenties because that sounds weird as fuck. (that's what i take from this post.)

the chain of copycatting continues! shamelessly! i am wholly uncomfortable with using my main account to comment here but did not want to be left out of the conversation, that is why. =3


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